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Wisdom from Apostle Praise

When you are foolish for Christ, you are wise in Him.

new premises

  • I AM global ministries has recently been experiencing exciting changes. We moved from our old premises on 270 Festival Street to our current location on 4 Ambeeld Street in Silvertondale, Pretoria. The new place is bigger and has ample parking space within the premises and security. Recently, I AM global ministries celebrated the very first service which was very exciting with youth, evangelists and pastors taking turns to thank and give praise to the Lord in dance and song. The first is always significant to our God Whose name is First (ALPHA). He is God of all glory who works with numbers. The fellowship at our very first service was on the 1/03/2015 at our new church building where our God, the First was depositing His first anointing upon all who had jumped out first from the boat. It was a moment for receiving the first to become the first in our life!
  • I AM global ministries will be celebrating the first Receivers Ministry service in our new place on the 6th of Friday, 2015. We invite all new visitors, frequent visitors and promisesanyone looking for a place to fellowship and experience the gospel truth preached in power through the Spirit led servant of the Lord. Every Friday Apostle Praise ministers in a non-denominational whole night prayer service (known as Receivers' Ministry).  She is an ardent preacher and teacher of the Word whom the Lord uses to unlock and decode the mysteries of the Word in a unique way that often leaves her audience completely nourished in spirit and standing in awe of the power of God in her life. She is a strong believer and a walking testimony of Matthew 6:33. As revealed to her, it is when we put God first that we begin to live a fulfilled life that is according to God’s purpose.
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Direction to the venue:

Take church street towards Silverton. 

Note that Church St will turn into Pretoria Road

Pass Christian Brothers School on the left

Drive straight and pass Botanic Gardens on the right

Continue on the same road and pass Engen Petrol Station on the left

On the next set of Robots, turn left into Dykor road

Proceed straight and at the four way stop, drive straight passing under the bridge.

Proceed  on Dykor road until you get to a T-Junction at the end of the road

Then turn right into Stormvoel road and drive straight

Pass the first set of Robots and turn right on the next set of robots into Asetileen road.

Then take the immediate left into Voorhamer Street.

Drive for about 100 meters and turn right into Aambeeld street.

at the boom gate tell the security that you have come to I AM global ministries.

Welcome to our New Church building! We are at No. 4 Aambeeld street in a cul-de sac. 


For a Taxi users, take a Taxi at Bloed street, central Pretoria, that goes to Mamelodi via Gezina.

The Taxi will drive along Stormvoel road.

After passing the set of robots at Asetileen road, ask the driver to drop you at Total petrol station on the right

Cross the street to the Total petrol station.

There is a foot path on the extreme left of Total petrol station 

Walk through this path to Voorhamer street behind Total petrol station

Cross Voorhamer street walking towards right into Aambeeld street.

At the boom gate tell security that you have come to I AM global ministries. We are at No. 4 Aambeeld street  in a cul-de sac.


Latest News

    • There is a home cell in your vicinity. It will be our honour to have you as our visitor, cells are running every Tues@18h30.
    Home Cell in your vicinity
  • IAMgm invites you to come and be blessed by our praiseworthy service. as We worhips Jesus Christ like never before.   

    IAMgm sunday worship service -08 March 2015
  • You are all invited! Click 'calendar' for more details...

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