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Wisdom from Apostle Praise

The only key to freedom is truth. Never be found without it!

trumpet4Just few days before 2014 drew to the end, I was having one my conversations with the Spirit of the Living God. I asked: 'What does Year 2015 bring us, My God? Before I could get a response, I was already saying, 'The favour of the Lord.' The Spirit of the Living God quickly quietened my spirit and whispered: 'Go deep and deeper. There's more!' He took me back to 2014, and reminded me that number '14' is about two 'sevens' put together.The end of 2014 brought us the perfection of the two 'sevens' multiplied together to give us the 49th season. Year 2015 therefore follows after this double perfection to bring us the 50th season- proclaimed as the year belonging to the Lord (Lev 25). It is the Year of Liberation (Jubilee) through the overflowing anointing of the Holy Spirit. On the 1st January 2015 the angels of the Lord began to blow the Trumpet of Jubilee to give you rest from slavery, wickedness and all your enemies. The sound of the Jubilee trumpet has come to blow loose the generational evil chains and open the prison doors to give you liberty from the pains of the past. Salvation, salvation, salvation will conquer the hardest and most wicked hearts. The Trumpet of Liberation will visit many spiritists, and they will throw their demonic powers and take flight to Christ, as their Lord and Saviour.In 2015, expect the repeat of the Acts 2 experience. God has released a sound from His throne 'as of a rushing mighty wind' to fill up His obedient Houses (Acts 2:2). In this Year of Liberation, flesh will be silenced and the Holy Ghost will finally take His leadership in many pulpits. It is the acceptable year of the Lord, and nations will stand in awe at the boldness and eloquence that His faithful servants will demonstrate through the anointing of His Spirit. In this year, the Fire of God will be falling from His Throne to release unprecedented signs and wonders, and the sword of the Holy Spirit is sharpened to cut through the most stubborn resistance of the kingdom of darkness. You will experience order and calmness in 2015, as God will be re-arranging your priorities from to self to Him. Your focus will be more on the Word, prayer, fast and His work. Your spiritual positioning is fundamental. Ensure that this year finds you at the land (church) where God planted you in. In 2015, exiles must come back home where their blessings are.

 In 2015, God has given us rest from generational debts, loss, damage, confusion, deceit, lies, laziness, and manna. The days of living from hand to mouth are over! The favour of the Lord is upon you to give you generational restoration. His mighty hand is repairing ancient ruins and damages suffered by your forefathers- in your favour. What your forefathers lost, now is paid back to you in sevenfold! How good that sounds? The enemy must pay back in sevenfold everything he stole, killed and destroyed in your life. That's not all! In 2015, grace dew is falling on your land. The unlimited and unmerited favour of the Lord has united with His compassion to give you both the deserved and undeserved blessings. In 2015, God is breaking His rules to bless you. He is releasing unclaimed and delayed blessings of your forefathers- in addition to your overdue seeds. These are generational blessings, and can ALL be yours if you believe! In 2016, and beyond, you will still be eating the blessings of 2015. Future generations will still be enjoying your fruitfulness and glorifying our Lord for His faithfulness.

When will it all be done? SUDDENLY! In 2015 expect the sudden manifestation of every promise. God is delivering at His incomparable speed, and you will be stumbling in unexpected blessings! It will be the 'NOW!' season for the faithful and faith-filled. How do you get these blessings? All 2015 blessings are now at the door-step and waiting for you to welcome them in. Grab the master key of faith to unlock the door, and let uncompromising obedience turn the door knob to the right, and the door will be opened!!

Have a Spirit-filled 2015!

Yours in Christ

Apostle Praise


Are you ready for the new wine …?

Beginning of 2015 The Lord gave us a road map, on what he will be doing this year. The Lord was generous and kind to choose 2015 as the year of Jubilee, a year of liberation and of breaking and removing generational curses and bondages. The Lord gave us 2 major tools to unlock Jubilee into our lives, which are faith and obedience. Without faith and obedience to the word of God, the enemy deceives and we fall short of receiving that which The Lord has released upon our lives.

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