Blow your trumpet of liberation in this year of the Lord 2015, a year of Jubilee.

Blow your trumpet of liberation in this year of the Lord 2015, a year of Jubilee.

Just few days before 2014 drew to the end, I was having one my conversations with the Spirit of...

Now Is Time To Be Saved

Now Is Time To Be Saved

  Now Is Time To Be Saved   What is Salvation?   Salvation means being born...

About Praise

About Praise

Apostle Praise Kambula is the founder and the senior pastor of I AM global ministries, which is...

  • Blow your trumpet of liberation in this year of the Lord 2015, a year of Jubilee.

    Blow your trumpet of liberation in this year of the Lord 2015, a year of Jubilee.

    Sunday, 11 January 2015 16:33

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    IAMgm voices

    Monday, 08 September 2014 13:19

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  • Now Is Time To Be Saved

    Now Is Time To Be Saved

    Tuesday, 18 February 2014 00:30

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    About Praise

    Monday, 17 February 2014 14:38

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I AM global ministries


women’s day – 09 August 2015



The month of August has been declared women’s month in South Africa, an array of events have been lined up to celebrate women in all areas of life. As part of this significant month, I AM global ministries hosted a gospel concert in commemoration of the significant march that took place 59 years ago, acknowledging and celebrating women in Christ.  09 August 1956, more than 20 000 South African women of all races staged a march at the Union Buildings in protest against the proposed amendments to the Urban Areas Act of 1950, commonly referred to asthe "pass laws". These women refused to be bound and controlled by a piece of paper, whereas they have been fearfully and wonderfully made to prosper and multiply. Through great sacrifice and commitment these women made a significant contribution to the Freedom charter in which we are celebrating its 60th year anniversary this year. As a church we rose in celebration of what The LordGuest3 did through these courageous women who refused to accept oppression and imprisonment, women who rose up as mothers and daughters of the nation and demanded change.  09 August 2015 marks one of the great moments for I AM global ministries, as the church was embraced by anointed women of God who empowered and educated saints on the ways of seeking justice when affected by domestic violence With the high rate of drug and alcohol abuse faced by the young society of today, the church has a responsibility to ensure that the souls arrested by these addictions are released to a life of freedom and prosperity in Christ, the church invited SANCA to give insight to the cause of drug and alcohol abuse and how to go about seeking Guest1assistance. Ms. Elosine Aucamp gave a detailed presentation on what the organization does, and what the church together with the society can do to assist.

This momentous occasion was a moment of breakthrough for the church, as every department worked together in unity to ensure the event is a success, this was a great moment for Ntumi, Futhi together with the I AM voices, as God displayed His splendor through their voices. Women’s day celebration does not just celebrate the heroines of 1956, but the young women of 1976 who played a tremendous role in the liberation struggle. We celebrate every mother, daughter who has made it thus far regardless of the challenges and storms of life. Women’s day creates a platform for women young and old to join hands and raise issues of development and improvement, acknowledge successes and ensure a better tomorrow. As we are celebrating women’s day, we continue to strive for a society that is truly non-racial, non-sexist, united democratic and free from all forms of discrimination.

Pastor MeisiPastor Meisi Nong, a survivor and a warrior of God shook every shakable in the spiritual realm with her moving testimony. Indeed there is no power above the power that is the name of Jesus Christ. Pastor Meisi Nong’s testimony brought the house in tears and thanksgiving, her brutal, rough and heartless path opened the eyes of the saints to realize how blessed and favored we are to have the gift of life and to have Jesus Christ as our high priest and intercessor. Her testimony was an eye opener for many saints, and delivered saints from spiritual ignorance, blindness and unforgiveness. The highly anointed, highly favored women of God, shared with saints how Christ has healed her scars of hatred, anger, bitterness and unforgiveness, and how satan tried to steal, kill and destroy in her life, but God came through for her, she encouraged saints to rise up and not negotiate with satan, indeed the Lord is strong as an ox for her. Once more our God has proven that He is God who does not covenant with wickedness, instead the wickedness will be put to shame, our God displayed His majestic splendor and His Glory, the event was a success and saints left the concert speechless of the beauty and the wonder of God, in making this occasion a success. We would like to thank our visitors, the saints for working together in ensuring that indeed we come up victorious. May God continue to pour His blessings upon your storehouses, what God has blessed no man can curse!!!

Ntumiiamgm voices2


 Don’t miss the country’s events in honour of all women of the nation:

Week 1: Celebrating Women in Fashion

Week 2: Celebrating Women in Film

-         10 August 2015 (in Jabulani)

-         14 August 2015 (Kwamashu)

Week 3: The fight against human trafficking and labor exploitation of women

-         21 August 2015:  Symposium focusing on Labour exploitation and related issues

-         22 August 2015:  A symbolic march at the Maseru border gate where both South African and Lesotho women will give their memorandum of demands to authorities representing the country. The march will call for an end to Human trafficking of women and children. 

Week 4: Economic Empowerment (Financial Inclusion of women)

-         04 – 05 September 2015: Trade Fair and Exhibition of Women in South Africa and Zimbabwe to be held in Musina, Limpopo Province. Women from both countries will sell their products from clothes to crafts.

-         09 September 2015: Techno girl roundtable – The Department of Women will host TNA business breakfast focusing on the empowerment of young women in the fields of STEM business breakfast will culminate into a high level panel discussion on to strengthen the current Techno-Girl job-shadowing programme. 

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